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Getting my sexy back..

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Sleep is great in the sense that if I dont go to bed sooner I really just dont get up to run and the more i find myself un motivated. I really feel more motivated after I post my Blogs i should just run right after these. But of course work gets in the way. and im forced to run after work.

Speaking of work Im sitting here trying to find a second job and just no one is hiring and Im super bumbed. Since my sister screwed me over (yes we still arnt talking) I have been strugglin to the point where each month my mom takes me to the store to buy me toliet trees and puts gas in my car. Im almost 25 and this shouldnt happen. I cant blame it all on my sister but most of it of course. lol. So Im stressing about that and hopefully it will work out.

Would love to get everything together. Sat down and made a list last night of things that I would want to make me happy and it really was just small things like running shorts and a sweat band. lol. But I cant get myself down. I will make it.

This is a blabber blog. lol. But back to sleep last night I was helping my best friend who is a night owl clean her house for her inspection and i found myself not going to bed till like 11 then she wants me to come to her house tonight to eat dinner bc her husband is leaving with her dad, so of course im gonna go but i have to be up at 9am to start for her baby shower. So Im just scared im gonna be super tired. And I really want her shower to be great. Not to mention my mom bday is saturday as well. ughhh. Im so scared i wont make my goal of five lbs this week. I hate to disappoint myself. Goodluck ladies.


@ 8:36pm ET on July 29, 2012 Busy, busy, busy! But it burns calories!
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