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I'm really lacking motivation. I'm feeling like I'll never reach my goal,I feel like this is to hard. Trying to blast belly fat and tone your body is the worst process I have ever went through. I have not worked out in a week. I don't believe in fast results but rather, lasting results.I'm the type of person to say why wait until Monday start today,but This is rough.I guess I should start 2 weeks of drinking only water and eating salads. I need tips and a custom made diet and workout plan.

@ 4:26pm ET on September 5, 2012
I've been lacking a bit of motivation myself lately. School has kept me very busy and some days I'd rather just stay in bed an extra hour or so instead of getting up and heading to campus early to go to the gym before class. So I completely understand! Hope it gets better for you!

@ 4:59pm ET on September 11, 2012
Hey Stephanie - this weight loss success story might make you feel more motivated:


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