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Sit ups just hurt my back to much. I have Scoliosis,which makes working out kinda difficult at times. Crunches are easier for me and it's less straining on my back. I'm afraid to post the picture of my stomach because it's so horrible. I really don't know what to do because the fat covers the abs to a certain point but then it's almost as if this is just loose skin. My stomach doesn't go with the rest of my body.I have been working on it for a year and a half with very small changes. This is very frustrating at this point. I'm sick of looking at it and I;m actually sick of working out. Day 12 of my hard core workout is not going to well.Hopefully by October I'll see a worthwhile change. I'm going to by a corset to workout in I've been on the stomach toning process for to long. I can't put on healthy weight for fear it will add to my already huge stomach.

@ 9:36am ET on August 27, 2012 Amen I hear ya. It sucks to have everyone tell you that you have great legs but then thats it. You look in the mirror and see this stomach that doesnt match at all. My brother said crunches are the way to go. I would stick to that. I would also look at doctor oz.com he has a episode about dieting and he did actual great things to eat for which part you wanted to work on. It was pretty cool. Goodluck. Look back on my blog I posted a pic in my bathing suit and had no idea it was that bad. Lol. It helped me alot.
@ 2:04pm ET on August 27, 2012 Best book I ever read about getting the abs you want (written by a woman who had 4 kids, 2 of them twins delivered C-section)is called BuffMother and she shows you step by step how to get the abs you want. I was already doing what she wrote, but it was really nice to have as a guide to give to others that were struggling. I hope this helps :)
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