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Sometimes, you may want to lose weight so badly that you will induce vomiting. In this article, I will explain to you the many painful side effects.
I suffer from something called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. It causes me to do a lot of (duh) vomiting, and it will randomly hit me.
Some of the side effects I've learned (and several I've experienced) are the following:
-Electrolyte imbalance
-Damaged esophagus
-Leaked stomach acid in the intestines or poop
-Yellowed teeth
-Bad breath caused by eroded teeth and acid-caused fungi
-Vocal chord damage
-Stomach ulcers
-Hair loss
-Digestive problems
-Decreased body temperature
-Irregular heart beat
-Enlarged salivary glands
-Dry skin
-Decreased bone density
-Menstrual dysfunction
-Hormone irregularities
-Low red blood cell levels
-Weak muscles
-Immune system damage
-Random baby burps (where you burp up small amounts of vomit. Most likely they have been stuck in your esophagus and just decided to come out)
-Red dots on your face
-Not to mention the pain and discomfort you experience every time you vomit!!

Resorting to vomiting is not the best way to go! There are so many better ways to lose weight, and induced vomiting really doesn't make you lose any. You can diet, workout, and have fun too! Best of luck.

@ 9:59am ET on May 22, 2012 Agreed! Inducing vomiting is absolutely, completely, undeniably unhealthy and comes with an ENORMOUS list of negative effects - many of which can be long-lasting, or even life-long.
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