Leslie Gonzales a.k.a. MissusSmartyPants, helps women dress their best for their body type! This fashionista without the venom owns and operates the website www.MissusSmartyPants.com, and she hosts a weekly blog talk radio show, Fashion Rescue.

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Leslie's Fashion Notes & Stuff

by Leslie Gonzales, Fun Fashion Expert
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If you are like me, you want to look good without breaking the bank. Money can only stretch so far, and with the rising cost of gas, along with everything else, it is hard to stay on budget!

MissusSmartyPants is here to help you become a discount diva!

So how do you stay stylish and on a budget at the same time? One thing is for sure, the fashion magazines aren't any help. I always get a good laugh when I read the fashion magazines. They show fabulous "must haves" to add to your wardrobe. Things you should run out and buy... NOW! Then - here's the real kicker - the good-looking pair of black pants are $395.00! Are they mad?! I don't think that unrealistic price tag fits into anyone's budget!

Since we don't have the bank rolls of Paris Hilton or Jennifer Aniston, real dollar stretching style help is essential. I have put together "discount diva" tips so you can look great and keep your beauty on a budget:

1. Shop the seasonal sales.

I can't stress this idea enough! You may not get lots of wear out the clothes right now, but you can really save on jackets, sweaters or tank tops and sundresses - whatever is on the rack at the end-of-season sales. Lots of stores already have in-season merchandise on sale now. Stock up on basics and styles you know you will wear. Do this every season and you will always be ahead of the game.

2. Splurge on a nice purse or shoes.

Buy quality shoes or a purse and make any outfit look really chic. Check the sale racks... you never know, you may find designer shoes that have been drastically marked down!

3. Avoid ...    Continue

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@ 12:54pm ET on November 18, 2008
Good tips Leslie! And good to see you back in the blogging mode.

Don't be a stranger -- we can all use your fun advice.

And your editor could use a little advance notice of your postings. ;o)

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