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Tips to Shape Up for Spring Break

Spring Break is right around the corner and that may leave many of you scrambling to look just right in that bathing suit. With not much time left, this may lead many of you to drastic measures. Instead of resorting to unrealistic expectations, how about focusing on healthy and attainable goals? Below are strategies that you can use right now and while on vacation.

Do not skip meals in an attempt to lose more weight. Skipping meals only leads to being hungrier and sets you up for overeating at the next meal.
Stock up! Head to the grocery store and fill your cupboards and refrigerator with healthy items such as baby carrots and hummus to snack on and pre-cut lettuce and chicken breast for an easy entr茅e salad. Get rid of the junk food 鈥" out of sight, out of mind!
Set realistic goals. People often set unrealistic goals which set them up for guilt when they do not achieve them. Make small changes such as making dinner every night instead of eating out or jogging in the mornings. Aiming to lose 1 pound per week is realistic 鈥" look at this as great progress!
Most people underestimate the number of calories they consume by 30% or more. Make it a point to keep a food journal (use your meal tracker!) to help keep you focused and honest. Remember that how much you eat determines weight loss or gain. Familiarize yourself with portions by measuring food and reading food labels. If you want to check in with someone 鈥" post what you are eating for a day or two in the Rate My Plate board and I will give you tips and feedback.
Post motivational signs around your house that will help you stay on track such as on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Remember to keep them positive such as I will treat my body well by feeding it plenty of fruits and vegetables or let鈥檚 go outside and enjoy a walk today.

Tips during Spring Break

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