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Ohh what pain...Well we all know I can run and it isnt really hard but stretching no mame. Im just so awful at it. I thought I was doing good in the morning with my stretches but I guess not. I went to stretch this morning and my calfs were so I proceeded to run and before my final push my legs felt like super jello and my shins started hurting bad. Not to mention i already had a knee brace on. I got help from a few friends on stretching so hopefully these will work. I am gonna soak in the bath tonight and hit it easy in the morning. I really really need to do stength training. lol.

The partner of all partners bailed on me last He stayed with his grandma because he said he didnt want to wake up with his dad in the That could have been true but neatless to say he bailed and I will get him one day to run. Ill just do it on his terms. In plus we have been having some weird storms lately and last night around are run time the lightning was pretty bad.

I started taking my photos this morning in my favorite bathing suit. Which by the way does not look great at all. And ive noticed that I do not have a butt at all. I figured people just teased me but no it is really bad. I do have some strong looking legs though. Story of my life big top small bottom. lol. I will post that pic soon Im just having a issue getting it to my email. But last night i didn take a photo of just my face bc i did my makeup for the first time in forever and I feel alittle more confident to take photos again. Ohh and my face is starting to get thinner. Lol. Yay!

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Well Never Mind. Here it goes all or nothing right. I hope it is okay that i share this with you. Im a little nervouse. But i know I need to do it instead of hiding. Let me know btw if you have any good ideas for the middle area. You will see it is bad. lol. Thank you for not judgeing. lol.

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Love Yall

@ 2:03pm ET on July 31, 2012
Def do have nice legs! Running should help it all, if you don't like your middle section since you'll be losing weight because of burning more calories running. I think in the exercise part on this site there are workouts for the middle area! Give that a looksey.

@ 4:08pm ET on July 31, 2012
Hey Elise! Great job on your run! Sorry to hear your running partner bailed on you - but you are setting a great example for him by going for your run anyway.

I'm also really proud of you for posting your bathing suit picture. I encourage you to continue taking pics of yourself in your suit, periodically, so you can see your progress! The more you incorporate cardio and strength-training into your weekly routine, the more changes you'll see in yourself! Definitely check out allllll of our fitness videos. I LOOOOVE them (can't stress it enough!) and use the videos and exercise demos every single time I build a workout for myself!

@ 11:21am ET on August 1, 2012
Thank You amber and bailey. It was hard to post. lol. But I have to start somewhere. I will check out the videos bc i really need to look at stretching. lol. Thanks again guys you really do help me stay motivated.

@ 8:07pm ET on August 3, 2012
That is so inspirational! I'm not brave enough to take a pic and post it. In fact, I avoid taking pics at all costs cuz i always HATE the way i look!
Your legs look really nice and if you keep working as hard as you've been, the rest will follow!! Good luck and maybe invest in some Ben-Gay or something, LOL!

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