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More Ammo For Your Workout

by Ammo, Fitness Professional
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This article has the potential of overpopulating an overpopulated world but let the facts be known. Did you know that having sex three times a week burns the same calories as running about several miles per week?

Some of you just like the sound of that so you read it again. I know I did!

Sex, like exercise, produces hormones that give you a great workout. It reduces pain levels, boosts your immune system, lowers cholesterol levels, and relieves stress.

And sex burns calories!

By one scientific estimate, you can burn 177 calories for each hour of sex. If you're a two-minute lover this is not an ideal weight loss program for you.

But think about it: you get sweaty, heart rate goes up, you make funny faces - just like a day at the gym, right?

A recent study suggests that men who have sex at least three times a week cut their risk of a heart attack in half. (So men tell your mate that you have to have sex three times a week or else you will die!)

Studies on women have shown that after exercise, arousal levels were significantly heightened. This may be connected to why people have great sex after a wholesome argument. They're all revved up!

Hey, this doesn't mean that women should take a "cardio kick-butt class", or get into a fight with their partner before having sex. Hmm, or does it? Hey, it's your choice!

This in no way means you can replace exercise for sex. They actually complement each other.

When people exercise, self esteem and energy goes up. Feeling better about yourself in general is a big part of feeling sexual.

Now before you horny toads go bed hopping, note that experts believe that sex in a loving relationship has a healing effect on body and mind, but that promiscuous sex has the opposite effect. Japanese scientists recently announced that people engaging in adulterous relations were more susceptible to fatal strokes. So I suggest a loving committed relationship.

Hello, did I just lose half my readers? Hopefully not! Just put a little love in the mattress mambo.

Oh, don't forget protection!

P.S. You don't need a personal trainer for these exercises!
But for more information on more typical workouts, check out www.ammoathletics.com.

@ 4:24pm ET on January 5, 2009
Ever since I have been working out on a regular my sex drive has increased. Why is that?

@ 4:51pm ET on January 5, 2009
Thanks for your comment. Fortunately one of the perks of strength training is the increase in hormone levels, hence the increase in sex drive. This is a great, especially when you have someone to share this benefit with! Enjoy

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