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Hello everyone! This cold has not allowed me to workout at all this week. Thankfully it's going away,so by Monday I should be up to working out. I talked with a new personal trainer at the new gym I'm attending. She took my measurements & got together a diet & workout plan for my body's needs & my wants. It's really,really,really strict. For the next month & what's left of September,I can only drink water & milk. I've been working hard on my own but I should do much better with a PT & extra motivation. I workout everyday except Sunday until Nov 1. She said this is just a starter & it won't stay that way because you should only workout 4 times a week at the most so your body can rest. I hope to see results..Thanks for all the support

@ 2:43pm ET on September 18, 2012 Hey Stephanie! I hope you're feeling better today! The program you're on sounds really interesting and I'm really excited to hear about your experience with it.
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