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When Tom joined Diet.com in July 2011, he was tired of trying every different method for weight loss, only to see limited success. Now, just a couple of months (and over 40 blog posts) later, he has dropped more than 20 lbs, for a total weight loss of 37 lbs so far, and had to punch so many new holes into his belt that it is now basically destroyed!

Tom (or Diz1, as he's known to most of us here on Diet.com) has been a contractor in Iraq for the last year. His work there meant that he had limited food choices - not to mention only one belt! After losing 17 lbs during one of his 30-day vacations in the States, his weight loss plateaued.

That's when he turned to Diet.com for help.

Diet.com weight loss success

Posting his first blog in July, Tom (who was sitting at 220 lbs) wrote, "Maybe doing the blog will help with my goals... worth a shot!" He set his sights on his goal of hitting 205 lbs by the time he left Iraq, and began to blog daily about his everyday successes, plateaus, frustrations, workouts and meals.

Looking back now, Tom says, "I decided to do a daily blog as I went through this process, and the community on the site was very supportive.

"This made me feel obligated to post each day, which then made me feel obligated to have something to post about, which in turn, obligated me to keep pushing myself. My pride wouldn't let me post on a Tuesday (my weigh in day) and say, 'Well... I gained weight...'

"I had a responsibility to keep pushing and lose the weight, not just for myself, but for those who were supporting me."

The accountability certainly paid off! The Diet.com Weight Loss Community followed along as Tom began a new and improved workout routine:

"The vast majority of my exercise during the 42 days of weight loss was done via treadmill, walking 3mph at a 15% incline for anywhere from 20-60 minutes, morning and night."

Yes, that's right. Morning and night. Tom began heading to the gym twice a day around Day 17 of his journey. His commitment to reaching his goal weight was inspiring to other Diet.com members as he steadily increased his incline on the treadmill and the duration of his workouts.

While the workout routine has been a big component to his weight loss, Tom also made efforts to modify his eating habits for the better.

"I had a pretty limited menu, being in Iraq, but grilled chicken, baked fish, veggies, fruits, nuts, ...    Continue

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@ 10:32am ET on September 12, 2011
I had already been blogging for I think a week or so when Tom first popped up there. I remember thinking.... a guy on here? First time I've seen that so far! ha ha But I read his blog and automatically knew he was going to reach his goal because he was so determined. I've followed his blog pretty reguarly (not so much lately since school started and I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off!) and we're even friends on facebook. He's been there to help give me a hug or a kick in the pants when it comes to my diet.
Tom's awesome! GO TOM! :-)

@ 11:23am ET on September 12, 2011
Hi Tom, thats an amazing story, I too have had problems keeping committed to my diet. My story however is a little different from yours, you see I am a truck driver that has a minimum of 11 hours sitting and driving, to add to that my hours of work vary on a daily basis, there are times when 3 hours sleep is all I can get, so finding a viable solution to my problem has proven to be challenging, having said that I continue to do the best I can with what I have to work with, and although I have not lost weight I have been able to control my weight gain. Congrats on your success and enjoy the new you. Respectfully, Carlos.

@ 12:15pm ET on September 12, 2011
great job Tom, your story has inspired me to at least continue with my journey.

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