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Slim 'n Sexy At Any Age

by Joyce Vedral, Fitness Professional
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Women ask me all the time, "What in can I do for my sagging skin ‚Ä" even after I've lost weight I look terrible?"

Other women who have not lost weight yet, worry that they will have loose skin once they lose weight.

Losing loose skin on the thighs -- well, it's not rocket science, but it is a science!

Well there's good news. You can tighten up that loose skin by making it cling to developing mini-muscles. Now don't panic. I'm not talking Arnold. I'm talking sexy, feminine muscularity‚Ä"that in the end will take up less space than the hanging fat and sagging skin.

One of the most common "loose skin" places on women is the thighs. I used to have plenty of loose skin on my thighs, and look what I've done for myself ‚Ä"- not in hours but just in minutes a day by being consistent.

If I could do it anyone can do it. I'm lazy and old... ha, sometimes I really am lazy but I take it back, I'm not old. But I am 65! None of my photos are touched up ‚Ä" and this one was taken juts a few months ago.

These three exercises are a good start. Expect to start seeing changes in three weeks.

1. The Front Squat
Stand with your feet a natural-width apart with a dumbbell in each hand resting on each shoulder ‚Ä"- your arms are cris-crossed.

Movement: Keeping your back straight and your eyes straight ahead, lower yourself to a comfortable position, making sure you do not threaten your knees. Even a small amount of lowering goes a long way. Return to start position and repeat this movement until you have done 10 repetitions.

Repeat this series two for times for a total of three times.

For more exercises for thighs -- and to get rid of the loose skin on other body parts -- visit www.joycevedral.com.

@ 7:05am ET on November 21, 2008
Thanks for this - I have lost 70 pounds and am noticing some lose skin, but I will definitely be working on this - thanks for the encouragement:) Patty

@ 10:07am ET on June 30, 2009
Thank you. There is hope for the loose skin. I will very much keep working on this.


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