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Being honest with myself

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I am not sure if anyone has noticed I have been missing for the last 20+ days. I just got out of the hospital yesterday. I was hit by a drunk driver Jan 28th. I have been sent home to finish recovery and will have psychical therapy twice a week. The good news is I'm down to 197.4
I hope everyone is doing well and are rocking right along with the challenge.

@ 11:30pm ET on February 18, 2012 Sorry to hear about your accident, I am glad to hear you are recovering. Good luck with getting life back to normal.
@ 11:35pm ET on February 18, 2012 Glad to hear you are doing ok. I really hope that drunken driver gets the books thrown at him. There is so much publicity out there about drinking and driving , you think people would know better.
Its nice to hear you are doing good in your weight loss. Keep up the good work. Now to get yourself back to the swing of life.
take care
@ 9:59am ET on February 19, 2012 Oh Dear! I am shocked! But I am glad that everything is fine and you are back. :)
@ 11:56am ET on February 19, 2012 Thanks ladies!
It's been hard I know stress took off some weight. Only 4lbs shy of my goal. I know I could have made it if she would have called a cab. (it's free here for military, if they call.) it was just off post and they (city/military) are fighting over who gets it. We will see.
@ 10:05am ET on February 20, 2012 I've been wondering where you were!! I can't believe you got hit by a drunk driver! How terrible! We're all rooting for your full recovery.
@ 12:30pm ET on February 20, 2012 Bailey thanks! This is NOT going to stop me from reaching my goal. I've just been given a 2nd chance at life and I want to live it!!
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