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John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Weekly Diet News Digest
by John McGran, Columnist

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One all-important step to starting a healthy weight loss plan is to clear your home of the foods that can derail your diet.

Your Healthy Shopping List

Light string cheese
Cereals with fiber*
Skim milk
Whole-grain bagels*
Low-fat cottage cheese
Whole-grain waffles*
Reduced-fat yogurt
Low-fat granola bars
Light microwave popcorn
Whole-grain bread*
Whole-grain crackers*
Whole-grain pasta*
Brown rice*
Mrs. Dash
Garlic powder
Black pepper
Kosher salt
Turkey slices
Light salad dressings
Tuna packed in water
Olive oil
Chicken breasts
Low-fat mayonnaise
Bean soups, beans & lentils
Boca burgers
Fat-free Fudgsicles
Soy beans (Edamame)
Fruit juice bars
Reduced-fat peanut butter
Low-fat pudding
Sugar-free Jell-O
Meal replacement bars
Bottled water
Slim Fast
Mineral water
Healthy Choice meals
Herbal tea
Lean Cuisine meals

*Good source of fiber contains 2.5-5 grams fiber per serving. High fiber source contains over 5 grams fiber per serving

If working outside your home:

Find someone supportive at work who may help you when the going gets tough or bring daytime numbers of supportive people you can call.

Check out junk food temptations at work and distance yourself from them if possible.

Suggest to coworkers that candy or other treats be kept in lunchroom (out of sight).

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@ 12:29pm ET on May 7, 2008 This is an excellent article for anyone looking for tips and ideas on the ol' shopping trip. I also went through my pantry and threw out anything that was high calories, fat and salt in January when I started the Fresh Start Challenge. It takes the "I'll have just one" of those bad foods thinking and tosses it right out into the garbage.....ALONG with all of that bad food!

I really enjoyed this article!
@ 12:15pm ET on May 12, 2008 I loved reading this article. I'm so proud of myself. My grocery list is almost
@ 12:16pm ET on May 12, 2008 ...(sorry) it's almost identical to the grocery list above!!! Clearing the house is another really key concept! It's amazing to see how far I've come since January since I've started to live like Dr. Kushner suggests!
@ 9:49am ET on April 16, 2012 I disagree with a few items listed as "healthy foods". For instance, items such as Slim Fast and sugar-free Jell-o are FILLED with chemicals - NOT even remotely healthy! I have lost 75 pounds over the past year by focusing on unprocessed, whole foods and foods made with REAL ingredients, not ones cooked up in a chemistry lab. I completely eliminated ALL soda and I won't eat anything with artificial sweeteners and/or a laundry list of preservatives and colorings. I do not consider fast food to be food any longer. Also, it is so important to read food labels. If something is removed in a product, you can bet something else has to be added for it to be palatable. For instance, reduced-fat peanut butter may still contain saturated oils and have more salt and sugar than the original to make up for the lack of fat. I would rather eat less of something real! This method has been working and I highly recommend it.
@ 4:50pm ET on April 16, 2012 I don't understand why there are meal replacement bars and slim fast items in this list! Is that really what should be on a healthy shopping list? Also, I do know fish is healthy and nutritious, but especially tuna is extremely overfished. Encouraging people to buy it just adds to it going extinct!
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