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Ohh what it is like to sleep till 8ish and not have to worry about running. Well I would have to say this morning it was nice to sleep in considering i didnt get to bed till 11:30pm.:(
Im really finding out in these first few weeks what my distractions are and what keeps me motivated. See I have this neighbor who is my ex and he is great and I believe I still love him but there are complicated things right now that are keeping us apart, but that doesnt keep me from going over there every once and a while to have dinner and a sleepover. lol. But when im at his house I find myself drinking a glass of chl milk (ugggghhh) and I had 6 m&m's and I didnt wake up this morning for the run. He does mean well and he is happy that I am doing this but he isnt a great motivater bc life is so crazy right now. On the other hand I have my best friend (my rock) who has suffered the most with this training thing bc I havent had alot of time to help her with the move and things like that. But i think deep down she is happy im doing something even though she is one of those negative people that you love bc it really motivates you bc you want to prove her wrong. lol. So Im having alot of issues with just getting motivated and staying motivated. At night I think before i fall asleep that tommorrows run is gonna be good and im gonna push myself and Im gonna do this and that, but when i get to my run I do good but not the best I can. I just give up on my self. I mean I love this training schedule but 6 Miles I go into knowing i cant really do 3 without stopping and I hate it. I have to do a 5k and Im terrified i wont be ready. Well like i said im relaxing today and Im gonna take some time to go over a new plan that will work better and get me ready.

Btw I am a i know. but I have cut back alot down to 3 smokes a day vs a pack. yay for my goal. But i know i need to quit quit if i want to breath better during running.

Thank You and goodluck
Love yall

@ 2:03pm ET on July 20, 2012
I have never been a smoker, but I do know how it hard it is to stop addictions. I have had several. So yay for hitting your goals and your goals to come!

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