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Trainer Pete's Blog

by Peter Samberg, Expert Personal Trainer
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Whenever I have someone new here at the studio lose a lot of body fat, weight, and get in great shape there always seems to be three things that they have in common with others who have had success. These three things are nothing new and groundbreaking. There is no shortcut, but I promise you that if you do these things you will achieve great things as well.

1. They change their eating habits. They start to learn about how many calories are in foods and start to track their food intake down to every last bite. It takes a lot of work in the beginning but the good news is that once you educate yourself on foods you commonly eat (or foods you should commonly eat) you will always know what foods and portions of those foods you should be eating. In the past it was a big challenge to pull everything together and then hand write it out. Thankfully with today's technology there are awesome meal planner and calorie tracking systems to use out there. Diet.com has a free Meal Tracker. My Fitness Pal is a great free phone app that a lot of our clients use on their phone and www.EatSmartOnline.com is part of my online meal planner that gives you exact amounts of calories and qualities of foods you should eat. What are you waiting for? Start tracking today!

2. They get their 2-3 days of full body strength training workouts in. Depending upon your fitness level and goals, 2-3 Days of full body strength training workouts will usually do the trick. The main thing is to make sure you are covering all the major muscle groups, pushing yourself to a high intensity, and switching it up so your body does not get used to the same workout over and over again. If you are working out with a trainer they will take care of that for you, but if you aren't there are plenty of great workout DVDs or online workout programs (like the one's here on Diet.com!) to give you a great workout.

3. They get high intensity interval cardio workouts most days a week. Nobody wants to hear it and a lot of people like to try these magical new ways to lose weight without working hard, but I will guarantee you that if you have a significant amount of weight to lose you can shed a ton of weight with some good old cardio! It's hard and time consuming but the benefits you achieve will far outweigh any of the time you put in. The people that I see in the studio before and after their appointments and even sometimes pulling double sessions (one morning/afternoon + one night) are the ones that see success. Just like everything else in life, those who are dedicated and put in the work will triumph.

So what are you waiting for? Why not you? Get these three areas going and you will be on your way to your ideal health and fitness!

Trainer Pete

Trainer Pete is an expert at providing quick and effective workout plans for weight and body fat loss. Click here to "like" his Facebook page and get daily motivation.

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