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Hey Diet.com members! I hope you're having an excellent Thursday so far :)

I'm just sitting here eating a slightly late lunch (I'm on the west coast, so it's 1:40pm here), and thought I'd let you know what I was eating, because why not?!
I heated up some leftover whole wheat pasta with a homemade sauce (tomato sauce, tomatoes, chopped spinach, seasoning), but I absolutely HATE shredding cheese (personal pet peeve!) so I didn't want to put in the effort to shred any. Instead, I looked in my fridge and there on the top shelf was an avocado. I thought, Heck. Why not? and just plopped a quarter of an avocado on my plate next to my pasta.

I'm cutting off a piece of avocado to accompany every bite of pasta, and it's adding a delicious, slightly chilled creaminess to every bite. It's even BETTER than cheese, and doubles as a side veggie. Score! :)

Thought I'd share that with you guys as a quick tip for removing the cheese, but adding something better!

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In unrelated news, here are a few of the moves that I did at the gym last night during my workout:

Have a great rest of your day everyone!

@ 3:52pm ET on August 7, 2012
What a great idea, avocados, instead of cheese. I like the pic, now I want to go buy some avocados.

Thanks for sharing your workout, just good to know the skinny ones aren't just lucky :d


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