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Sticking to a healthy diet can be tricky sometimes - there are all sorts of temptations around that are begging you to gobble them up! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite, super simple diet tips - to help you identify some key areas that you could improve your own diet!

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1. Count calories. This one habit can drastically impact your weight loss success! It's been shown that dieters who count their calories - even for a couple of weeks - have greater success in losing weight AND maintaining that weight loss. Check out this blog that our own Dr. Diet wrote about how tracking your calories can lead to long-term weight loss success: What Worked. In a study of 5000 dieters, 99% of those who lost weight and kept it off were calorie counters! Start tracking your food intake today with Diet.com's Meal Tracker/Calorie Counter!

2. Slow down! Alright guys, 'fess up. Who here is guilty of eating too quickly? I catch my boyfriend doing it all the time and always remind him to slow down and taste his food! The reason? When you eat too quickly, you're eating too fast for your brain to register when your stomach is full. This inevitably leads to you eating more food ...    Continue

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