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Want some pizza RIGHT NOW? As in, practically immediate pizza?

Turns out that you'll no longer have to just "grab a slice to-go" at a pizza counter, when you need your pizza in a hurry. Thanks to a European invention that's heading to the US, you'll soon be able to get your pizza via vending machine!

The vending machines use infra-red technology to cook pizzas in about 2.5 minutes... Wowza!

Europeans have been "enjoying" the technology for a few years now... I'm surprised it's taken this long to reach the US. I can't imagine it'll be any help to the crisis of Americans' expanding waist lines and obesity problems. :(

What do you think about this new vending machine option? Would you eat vending machine pizza?

@ 8:34am ET on June 14, 2012
No! For me, a trip to the vending machine is reserved for cases of extreme emergency - lol! Like I'm stuck somewhere and absolutely starving w/no other option. Even in that case, I still try to pick the lesser evil - like pretzels, baked chips, cereal bar, etc.

Plus, pizza is a special treat or "cheat" in my book. If I'm going to eat it, it better be delicious. From a vending machine...GROSS!

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