Janel, a Registered Dietitian who follows a vegetarian diet, promotes no-nonsense, plant-based cooking so that eating is both healthful and enjoyable. Janel has a masterís degree in nutrition communication from Tufts University in Boston.

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Janel's Vegetarian Kitchen

by Janel Ovrut, MS, RD, LDN
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A pizza dinner was definitely in the cards this week. I had pizza on the brain all week.

I had just bought one of Trader Joe's pre-made whole wheat crusts (think Boboli).
Then my friend told me about a yummy sounding pizza she enjoyed out that was topped with pine nuts and grapes.

To top it off, the chef I work with was making a menu that included fig and prosciutto pizza.

My taste buds were tickled by the idea of pine nuts and grapes on a pizza because I like sweet + savory. I have had (and loved) figs on pizza before, but wasn't about to eat the prosciutto part.

So in a culinary combination of all of my pizza people this week, I created my own pie.

I topped the whole wheat crust with pizza sauce and shredded soy cheese. To get that salty prosciutto flavor, I pan cooked some Gimme Lean soy sausage until it was lightly browned.

If the store had it, I probably would have bought the soy bacon instead. In place of grapes I sliced some figs, which are so sweet and loaded with fiber. Then I sprinkled some buttery pine nuts on top.

Ten minutes later I had my sweet-savory-spicy pizza pie.

When was the last time your pizza delivery person showed up in 10 minutes?! This is one of the best family friendly meals you can make at home (together!) that everyone seems to enjoy.

Toss on some leftover veggies, diced chicken or fish. I've even had pizza topped with salad! The possibilities -- or should I say the pizzabilities -- are endless!

If you hunger for great meatless recipes, be sure to check out the 700+ vegetarian recipes served up daily right here at Diet.com!

Janel Ovrut, MS RD LDN is a Registered Dietitian who follows a vegetarian diet. She promotes no-nonsense, plant-based cooking so that eating is both healthful and enjoyable. Janel has a master’s degree in nutrition communication from Tufts University in Boston, MA. You can read many more of her blog posts at dinedishdelish.blogspot.com.

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