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Gonna be a long, windy road from here.

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...so I have very little to say here, except: YIPPEE!


Sorry the picture is kinda huge... was necessary to squeeze it all in. :S

I'm not TECHNICALLY at 190 yet, but I don't really figure there's going to be much difference in my body in a mere 1.5 lbs lol!


@ 7:47pm ET on June 18, 2012 I resized the picture a bit, not as huge now. XD

Also... same pair of (maternity!) jeans in each picture... going to need to find a new pair of jeans for pictures by 180, I reckon!
@ 10:26am ET on June 19, 2012 Look at you go! I loooove these progress pictures Rachel! It's incredible to see them lined up one after the other like that!

You're doing such a great job, and your attitude about your weight loss is TERRIFIC! I'm so excited for you and proud of you :) Congrats and keep up the great work!
@ 11:50am ET on June 19, 2012 Thanks Bailey! :D

My favorite of this set of pictures this time is the one of my back. The change between the first two is minimal, but I feel like the change between 200 and 190 is very noticeable! Much smoother now! The side view one didn't have as much change as I was expecting, but the front and back more than make up for it!

There's still days that I can't believe I'm really doing this! I feel awesome :)
@ 7:19pm ET on June 19, 2012 Get it, girl! That's awesome!
@ 4:36am ET on June 20, 2012 wow, good job! :) i love that picture thing. i have similar pictures, but they're growing the other way; i was documenting my growing baby bump :D but the pictures really tell you how you've changed. i noticed that i never really see myself the right way from the mirror, only from pictures.
@ 10:08am ET on June 20, 2012 I think even the side view picture shows a lot of change!
@ 3:33pm ET on June 20, 2012 WOW!!! That's amazing! way to go! now.. smile in the next pictures!! :)
@ 11:29am ET on June 30, 2012 Wow, congrats girl! I know you've been working hard and it shows! ~Sara :o)
@ 12:37pm ET on July 9, 2012 Wow well done
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