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Hellllllllllllllo Diet.com members!!!

Notice anything *different* about the site today? ;)

I sure hope so!

We have been working behind the scenes for about a year now, putting together and designing our new navigation. We've been rolling out changes slowly, and today we finally transitioned to our brand new navigation!

You'll notice several updates:

1. The colors! Our navigation colors now match our pretty Diet.com logo - purple and blue!



2. Horizontal sub-navigation. We nixed the vertical drop-down menus of yester-year in favor of these new horizontal navigation options. No more scrolling down, down, down. Finding what you need is now as easy as reading left-to-right! We hope this makes it even easier and faster to find the part of the site that you're looking for.

Simply hover your mouse over each of the top navigation options to display the sub-navigation:

diet.com navigation
{hovering over "fitness"}

Just like before, you can also click directly on the main navigation options to get to a page full of even more tools. For example, clicking directly on Fitness instead of just hovering over it will bring you to our Fitness page (http://www.diet.com/fitness).

3. Simplified the logo. It's now big, bright and crystal-clear!

We made some additional tweaks to the very top of each page as well - cleaning up the site search bar/social media buttons area, as well as making the Register/Log-in links in the upper right bigger and bolder!

We have been working so hard on this and CAN'T WAIT to hear your feedback!!!

@ 2:00pm ET on June 29, 2012 I was confused for a second when I got on just now!! But I really like the changes -- looks nice and flows nicely! :D
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