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Hey everyone! So I posted my first blog last week, it's time for my second one.. This week was decent, I didn't go for any walks but I did go swimming 6 times! And I upped the number of laps I do by 5.. However, it was not so good on the eating front, I ate relatvily healthy on the weekdays but on the wknd I had dinners out Friday/Saturday/Sunday at other people's houses and I totally gave in and had fried food (spring rolls and samosas and this indian dish called biryani). I try to avoid that stuff because it's so bad for you and because my skin breaks out really easily from all that oil, but I totally caved. And! on friday, the day I didn't go swimming, I had dinner twice and even ate a really unhealthy dessert after. I don't know why, I have no excuse... I totally wish I didn't do it now, this will totally show at my next weigh-in... Although the good news is that because I worked hard last week, it paid off at my weigh-in this week, I lost almost two pounds!!! I'm super happy about that :)Let's hope next week isn't too too bad.. I'm going to try to work hard this week, hopefully it helps... It's so hard to find motivation sometimes. Wish me luck!

@ 3:54pm ET on August 13, 2012 Swimming 6 times last week? That's great! You'll get the rest under control...congrats on your weight loss!
@ 11:10am ET on August 16, 2012 Great job on all that swimming! Swimming is a great cardio workout and strength training workout, all in one! Plus it's low impact, so it's totally easy on your joints.

So it sounds like you don't feel very great after you eat unhealthy foods and you get stressed about how it will impact your next weigh-in. For me, remembering that I don't feel very well after I eat unhealthy foods (super oily, fried or high-fat) is what keeps me from eating them too often. For example, if I'm really hungry and driving past a fast food place, I just think to myself, "You felt crappy after you last had one of those cheeseburger and fries meals."
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