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Okay, I lost my motivation. I didn't hit my goals like I planned. But what I have learned after years of ups and downs in weight loss, don't lose sight of what you want. So, I am starting again. I bought a 7-day kit from GNC and have kind of been doing it. I have actually decided to stay off the scale. I weighed at my mom's, about 150 still. And that was two weeks ago. I am going back to her house this weekend, and will weigh in. Hoping to see a 4 in there instead of a 5. I am trying to just gauge my weight and how I feel from what I see in the mirror. My pants feel a little looser, and that is what I like! I mean, I am nowhere close to my picture up there. Oh, how I miss those arms and that back. But I will get there, and that picture stays as motivation to what I can have.

I feel good today. I had an awesome weekend. Thursday, my husband had a funeral and called afterwards and wanted to go to a bar/concert. But when he got in, I through out the idea of not going out that night, but going out the next day since he was off. So, we did. We bought season tickets to Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags in Arlington, TX. It is about 2.5 hrs from us, but we got a really good deal because of his perks from work. We left out Friday morning and got to Hurricane Harbor, the water park, at 11 am. We stayed there until 7 pm. It was so much fun. And I didn't focus on my body all day. I wore a really cute tankini that I bought several years ago. Then we headed to Six Flags until 10pm. It was so much fun. I can't wait to go back. Neither of us managed to get sunburned. We got home about 1 am, and we slept like babies. I think we walked several miles throughout the day. And I had such a good feeling soreness. It makes me long for the gym again.

Because we have been busy, my hubby hasn't gotten to the gym to get me added to his membership. I am hoping to get him to go down there this evening. I really, really want to start working out. We talked about it this weekend. And when he came in from lunch, he was in a good mood. Hopefully he comes in from work as pumped up as I am.

I am very motivated today. Eating hasn't been great, but not bad. But I did take my day two of my cleanse and some EGCG (green tea extract to help metabolism). Now, off to do some house cleaning! And maybe some YouTube exercise videos!

OH, and it is so great to see some old faces on here! And to see people hitting goals and such. I am happy to be back on here and to start feeling good and motivated to get back into shape!

@ 1:40pm ET on July 10, 2012
Good for you for your re-commitment! Your trip to Six Flags sounds like a blast! I hope that your hubby was able to get you onto his gym membership!

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