Gonna be a long, windy road from here.

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May came to a grand total of 3.2lbs lost... down from 195.8 to 192.6. That's about .75 of a pound per week. If I continue at this rate, it will take me about a year and a half to get to my goal! Haha... that seems like forever!

Yesterday I weighed 192.4, which means I've lost 29.5bs since Christmas! 30lbs gone is sorrrta a milestone, so I'm looking forward to it in the next week or so! (Aunt Flo is here, and I know I retain water during this week, so I won't be weighing myself until she's taken her leave!)

I'm having a little problem with my clothes. >_<

They are... all... TOO BIG!

Just about everything I own, I am just swimming in! I have a couple of shirts that fit decently (mostly cami tanks) and 2 pairs of jeans that fit comfortably, plus one pair that is still a bit snug.

I knew this was going to be a problem eventually, but I was sort of hoping it wouldn't happen all at once! Haha. On the plus side, I have plenty of pants to shrink into, so I don't really need to go shopping for more pants. I don't have any shirts to switch to, so I do need to go shopping for tops. I think this means I am officially out of the XL size and into a L... if it weren't for the boobs, I may even count as a medium. Ha! But since I don't imagine that this size shirt will fit me all the way through the next 50lbs either, I'm sort of looking for sales and second hand so that I can avoid spending way too much money on clothes that aren't going to fit for very long. Funnnn :)

@ 8:00pm ET on June 5, 2012
I just got 2 bandeaus at JCPenny $10 each. I always wear something over, to cover the bra straps, like a zippered hoodie, they are comfortable. The bandeaus look like a skirt on the rack so don't dismiss them, also they are flattering and sexy. Well enough about that, congratulations Momma! So happy for you on your weight loss. =^.^=

@ 11:03am ET on June 6, 2012
Congrats on your continued weight loss!!! You'll be in the 180s so soon!! Have fun shopping :)

@ 3:35pm ET on June 6, 2012
WOW!! That's amazing!! Great work! oh and by the way.. thanks for the tip about the food diary. I'm following your format and have been able to spot a few triggers!!! :) keep up the goodwork!!!

@ 3:06pm ET on June 8, 2012
Woo hoo! That's so awesome! I haven't been on in a few weeks...what's your secret to your weight loss? I'm soo jealous...still trying to make it to "one"derland (still dedicated to Insanity, but not the results I've been hoping for so far). Aunt Flo here for me, too, so I'm not weighing this week. I can so relate to you about the boobs. I swear, they weight at least 30 lbs ;o) I can't wait to be in size Large tops again. Congrats girly! ~Sara :o)

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