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Whoa, I think I totally forgot I was trying to eat right and diet... I didn't follow it at all today, and didn't even think about it! I didn't do terrible, but I sure didn't do great. It totally didn't pass my mind.

I'm really wanting to work out like crazy. I keep thinking about it, but haven't been able to get added to my husband's gym membership yet. He has been sick, in fact, at the doctor's office now. I have been busy today doing laundry and getting things ready for camping. I think it'll be a fairly active weekend and eating won't be too bad. When I get hot, I don't like to eat a bunch of junk food. So, the gym must wait till Monday.

I keep seeing talk of marathons and runs. I am really thinking about trying to find one to run. I'd love a buddy to run with, but I don't have anyone close that would even think about doing it. I think I am going to add it to my goals, though.

I hope everyone has a good weekend filled with healthy food and plenty of movement!


@ 10:33am ET on July 17, 2012 Don't forget to check out Diet.com's fitness resources for times when you can't get to the gym. There are so many exercises you can do with just your own bodyweight in your home!
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