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Diet Talk from the Doc
by Dr.Diet, Diet.com's Medical Director

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It is estimated that approximately 5-30% of post gastric bypass surgery patients pick up new addictive behaviors; one such addiction women have been battling post-op is alcoholism.

Read the full article by clicking below:
After Gastric Bypass Surgery, Women Battle Alcoholism

Dr. Diet weighs in:

Though I have seen some gastric bypass surgery patients develop alcoholism post-op, this certainly is not the condition for the majority of patients. However, it is an interesting phenomenon - trading one addiction for another. For example, I'm all too familiar with the case of the woman who stops smoking but gains 50 pounds or the man who loses 30 pounds but starts smoking.

This is indicative of a compulsive personality where one emotional need is being substituted for another. Weight loss surgery results in a drastic change in one's eating habits which can bring these needs and addictions to the forefront.

This occurrence reminds us all that no matter what treatment you choose for losing weight (whether it be surgery, medications or diet and lifestyle modifications), you need to also treat the underlying emotional issues, if there are any.

Though the majority of dieters follow a "food only" approach when it comes to losing weight, where they strive to find that perfect balance of carbs, protein and fat that will hopefully melt the pounds away, equally important are finding ways to improve your self esteem, learning how to deal with your emotions and balancing the stress in your life. As supported in this article, these can be the true roadblocks to success.

@ 2:25am ET on August 14, 2008 A study in the journal Neurology described the cases of 27 women and five men who developed the condition, Wernicke encephalopathy, after bariatric surgery. Obesity is a growing problem in the United States and other rich countries, and the popularity of weight-loss surgery has been increasing steadily. About 170,000 people had the procedure in the United States in 2005, a tenfold rise from the early 1990s. A study last week found that use of the surgery tripled among US adolescents from 2000 to 2003.

Alcoholism Treatment
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