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We all know that childhood obesity is a huge problem in this country, and that being overweight as a child can have significant health repercussions later in life. Studies are now showing that, mentally, obesity in children is damaging to self-esteem - which can have unexpected consequences.

One such unexpected consequence? Lower math testing scores.

The study, published in the Child Development journal, indicates that "obese elementary school children perform worse on math tests than their normal weight peers."

But this isn't due to being less smart than their normal weight peers. Researchers pose that obese children face self-esteem and anxiety issues that interfere with their learning.

Click the link to watch the full video about the study - Why Obese Children Perform Poorly in Math

You can also read more about the study and its results by clicking on this link: Childhood Obesity Affects Math Performance

All the more reason to get your children involved in a healthy lifestyle!

@ 12:34am ET on July 12, 2012
Strange that this specific study come to the conclusion that poor math problems is ONLY from self esteem and anxiety levels - due to their obesity state. These are "emotional" conditions. re: Feelings. Perhaps the study should have also focused on the physical condition (instead of feeling state) of normal weight and obesity kids.

Many over weight kids have physical "sluggish" bodies. And when their body is sluggish, so is their mind. And when the mind is sluggish, it gets easily bored, distracted and as some say, they become "day dreamers". And when one is day dreaming, they are NOT focusing on the math learnings and/or the math problem. Thus, they get lower math scores. Their math score isn't about poor self esteem or anxiety "feelings". Its because their body / mind is NOT focused on the task that needs done - because of physical reasons (not from feelings).

Food (fuel) also has a huge impact on school learnings and keeping one's mind focused as well. For example, one person has a large container of french fries with gravy and 1-2 hours later, the body and mind are "sluggish". And if that same person has a balanced diet of some meat (real meat), fresh veggies, fresh fruit and a clean drink, their body and mind is much sharper 1-2 hours later. Thus, their mind can focus on the math learnings and/or the math queston much better. Self esteem or anxiety "feelings" isn't the root cause of the low test score problem. It was really from clean food vs bad food intake influence.

I'd like to see this study done with "clean food / fuel". And, I'd like to see this same study comparing physical / chemicals in each study group as well. For example, chemicals that make the body "sluggish" - before they take the math question tests. Then, compare chemical / hormone levels of each study group. Bet this influence area has much more impact (with kids math test results).

@ 9:52am ET on August 13, 2012
Well written and informative! I was unaware of this particular side-effect to childhood obesity. I'll be sure to keep this in mind when I have kids! I wish I'd known about this two weeks ago for my debate on whether or not fast food should be allowed to market on kids' channels. Would have been GREAT evidence. Oh well; this is actually slightly disturbing information!

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