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My Journey

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Monday after I got out of yoga class I went to the student union on campus to go to the gym for a bit. I got to the third floor stairs only to find the stairwell closed. I went back down to the information desk and asked if the gym was closed up there. They informed me that it was and would be closed for the rest of the semester. WHAT???? They are connecting the student union with this other building they are just finishing up and so they closed down the whole third floor and parts of the 2nd. ... I'm pretty sad. Cause now if I want to go to the gym I have to go all the way to the other side of campus to the Student Rec center... which I don't really have the time to walk that far and I can't park there during the day. Sooooooo the last half of this semester should be interesting. At least I have Yoga class three days a week and I can do Zumba at home.

Yoga class is going relatively well. Today was our first day actually really getting into doing some of the poses. My back feels pretty amazing right now ha ha Though I did just do 20 minutes of Zumba here at home so I'm also pretty tired. Relaxing a bit then gotta get changed and head out to film class ha ha I love my MWF... I have to wake up early, but they're relatively relaxing.

Later days!

@ 3:35am ET on October 18, 2012 Ahh, it sucks! Yesterday I felt so confused when after the lectures I went to have that aerobics class and founded out that the trainer is ill so there will be no aerobics class. :/ Instead of working out I ate an ice cream. Though I can't say that I feel really bad because of that... :) And good luck with finding a solution. :)
@ 10:47am ET on October 18, 2012 Uggggh what a drag!!! I'm glad you still have yoga class, and that you're enjoying that! I'd love to hear more about your experience with yoga :)
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