Here I go again....

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It has been nearly 2 years since I joined this site and I am back again in an attempt to regroup and recommit to being healthy. For the most part I have made the kind of changes which would result in long lasting changes...but then something happened this spring and I started eating unconsciously and my choices were poor. Soon I seemed to be making way more poor choices rather than good ones. And then the weight come back on and the clothes that I had put away have started to come back out...

Over the weekend I was in a place that scared me...I simply could not stop.

Then I woke up yesterday morning and reminded myself that I have the potential everyday to get back to the place where I am not battling food. I can make consistent choices...I can regain control...I can reach out for help...

So yesterday was a clean day. And so far today has gone well too, but I could feel myself being drawn to the Birthday cake sitting in our break room and instead of heading that way I thought that I would blog instead.

So, hello! I am back...and the cake sits a room away untouched by me...thanks for helping me on the journey!

@ 11:43pm ET on June 12, 2012
Woohoo for ignoring the cake!

You can do this! You did amazing before, I'm sure you'll be able to pick up the good habits with just a little bit of work!

@ 1:31pm ET on June 13, 2012
Hi, we all have set backs and I think it is part of life. For the past couple of months I have made pretty bad choices in terms of food, and I go from wanting to fast and eat nothing to allowing myself a crazy binge. I think it is all about moderation and accepting those bad choices with no guilt and moving on. This is what I'm planning to do and it seem you do too.
Good job on ignoring the cake, and good luck!

@ 10:19pm ET on June 13, 2012
Yes, I am still here! I have been on and off the site, but I always come back...still can't figure out if that's good or not since that doesn't mean I've made much progress LOL but I know I always have friends and support here. I can totally relate to you so know you're not alone! Glad to see familliar faces! ~Sara :o)

@ 10:41am ET on June 14, 2012
Good to hear from you again!! We're still here to help support you :)

@ 4:09pm ET on June 14, 2012
Hiya - niceto meet you. Im back again too.

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