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Hey Diet.com members! We are very excited to announce that our annual New Year's Weight Loss Challenge will be kicking off in early January 2013!

This new Diet.com Challenge will run for 6 weeks, from Monday January 7 to Sunday February 15.

You'll be able to sign up to join the Challenge a little closer to the start date, so stay tuned for more details!

If you've never participated in a Diet.com Weight Loss Challenge before, here's what you can expect:

  • Weekly weight loss/diet/fitness tips to help you build your own healthy lifestyle habits

  • Fun daily polls

  • Featured daily recipes and exercises moves

  • Handy weigh-in widget to help you track your weekly weight loss progress over the course of the Challenge

  • Easily set mini-goals for yourself for the Challenge using our Milestone Management area. You can also set rewards for yourself, for each goal you meet!

  • An interactive Google-powered Challenge Map to help you connect with Challengers all over the globe. Check out the Challenge Map from our last Weight Loss Challenge:

  • Click on image to see the BIG version :)

    We can't wait to get started and we hope you'll be joining us on January 7, 2013! Stay tuned for more details!

    @ 10:02pm ET on December 18, 2012 So excited! I am finally feeling better, so this is just what I need. I have been sick for the past two weeks, and with the holidays, I will have even less time to exercise. This will be the perfect post holiday kickstart that I need!
    @ 7:08pm ET on December 25, 2012 Cool!
    @ 9:40am ET on December 31, 2012 looking forward to this
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