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Hey all!!! My name is Kathy, but my friends call me Kath, and I'm hoping that in time each one of you will be my friends. I am a 42 year old who usually feels 22 (very young at heart), and have been "pleasingly plump" most of my life. I'm married to an amazing man who thinks I'm beautiful even at my chubby 215 pounds. I, however, am tired of looking in the mirror at my belly and hating it. I love myself and my life, but I'm still working on loving my body. I have recently gone back to school to be a Certified Medical Assistant, and I work 3rd shift at a retirement community as well.I take care of my ailing mom in my "spare time." Working nights, schooling during the day, taking care of mom and trying to have some time with my hubby make every day pretty full and leaves little time for exercise. I need to do it, because I love it, and my health is not something that should be pushed to the side. I have good days and bad days with my eating habits, and since I began school and work I've lost 10 pounds. Good start, but I want to lose more.
I have a lot of goals....first and foremost toning up and losing at least 40 pounds for my 25th high school reunion next May. I want to try parasailing and zip lining this summer, and want to be in good shape to do it. I also want to run a 5k and have been training on and off for about 4 months. I think writing down my thoughts, feelings, bad food days and good food days, along with my successes will help me stay on track....and sharing it with all of you will make me accountable. I'm hoping to get some feedback from all of you, and hope that I can help you all too. Thanks for listening, and I'll see ya all later!!!!

@ 3:36pm ET on November 2, 2012
Writing down your thoughts is a great way to stay focused and stay accountable! Parasailing is a dream of mine as well :)

Since you are so time-crunched I recommend checking out the resources on Diet.com that can help you get things done quickly and efficiently in the spare time you do have. Examples include browsing through our "At-Home Workouts" and "No Equipment Workouts" in the Fitness Videos (find those under the FITNESS tab up there ^^ in our top navigation).

You can also browse our Expert Blogs: http://www.diet.com/expert-blogs/

Check in with us again soon!


@ 9:38pm ET on November 3, 2012
Hey! I actually want to run a 5 k too...that seems very exciting.

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