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A New Week Begins

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This week with no doctor's appointments, or any other place to go I have decided to start my fall diet program. I have also started exercising again. Right now I am dancing and doing exercises we learned in school as a kid. I am also doing light weights (only 3lbs). My doctor told me not to lift any- thing real heavy. I have done very poorly on my programs so far this year. Now with the death of my sister, I am deter- mined to stick to it and get this weight off. I am eating my main meal at lunch, a balanced meal, hopefully, and only vegetables and fruit for dinner and no snacking after exercising except for popcorn every once in a while. I very much want and need to get this weight off. I am tired of people looking at me and thinking what bad shape I'm in.

@ 11:35am ET on August 24, 2012 Hey there - so sorry to hear about the death of your sister. My condolences...

Check out all of the fitness resources here on Diet.com - you can learn so many new exercises. We've even recently re-organized our fitness videos, so you can easily locate all of our "Beginner" workouts.

I also wanted to mention that you SHOULD be eating after you exercise - it's actually worse for your body and your muscles (and their progress!) to NOT eat after your workout. The key is to have something with protein in it, which will help your muscles to rebuild and repair.

Here are some great ideas for how to eat after a workout:




Good luck, and keep us posted!!
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