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This summer I was on a hunt for some great pieces that would look great and keep me cool! I was in a desperate need of everything from sports bras to socks! I don’t enjoy shopping or spending hours in a dressing room. Needless to say I wasn’t looking forward to this mission. I had no choice but to bite the bullet and hit the pavement for a fitness apparel shopping adventure. It paid off. I ended up with some great additions to my fitness wardrobe. These items put a little extra hop in my step! Here's where I shopped this summer.

Store 1: Gap

My Favorite Finds:

Gapfit Motionless Seamless Cami

The full retail price is $29.95. I got it on sale for $19.99.

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Gapfit gFast Capris

The full retail price is 49.95. I got the capris during a sale for 39.99.

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I love the cami for its built in sports bra and four-way stretch support fabric. The fabric is thick and durable. I have put this cami through the wash many times this summer, and it still looks brand new. It comes in a variety of colors and looks great layered over a sports bra.

The capris are made of a two-way stretch fabric and help pull moisture away. I think this is an absolute must for athletic pants! These pants can handle everything from yoga to a rigorous cardio workout. I am not sure what the secret is in their fabric, but these pants are slimming. I am impressed!

Store 2: Kohl’s

My favorite find: Tek Gear® Seamless Low-Impact Sports Bra

The full retail price is $30.00. I purchased them during a 50% off sale for 14.99!

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I originally went to Kohl’s to buy a sweatshirt. I was surprised to find they have a pretty extensive athletic wear section. The prices were right up my alley! I needed some sports bras that were functional and beautiful. I found a seamless and supportive style from Tek Gear that was too good to be true. The fit was perfect! I loved it so much that I got two (one in "Purple Wine Tie Die” and one in “Aruba Pink”!

Store 3:

My favorite Find:

Hue Socks (6 Pack)

I got tired of shopping in physical stores, so I decided to do a little online ordering! I needed light-weight socks that I could wear with athletic shoes and my spinning shoes. These socks were a good deal at 16.95 for a 6 pack. I have put these socks through a lot of workouts and wash cycles this summer. I am happy to report they’ve held up great. I love the colors, and the microfiber fabric feels great on my tootsies!

What have you been wearing to your workouts this season?
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