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My Journey

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My mom was randomly watching the home shopping network a while back and ordered this towel set from this company (I guess?) called Mission. Basically, you take one of these towels, soak it in cold water, ring it out, pop it a few times and the towel instantly cools down. My mom gave me one when I went home last. I took it to the gym last week and it was amazing!! I have a link below to the HSN's page on the product. It was great to have in the gym while I was on the treadmill. Kept me nice and cool! I'd highly recommend them.

I haven't been on here in a long time. It's been soooo busy around here lately, and school is legit driving me up the wall this semester. Even though I feel like I've been going to the gym a decent about lately I know my diet is killing me weight loss progress. Money's been tight lately because work cut my hours. So I haven't been eating the best foods. When I eat on campus I try to eat better... power bomb wraps (I've mentioned them before but it's wheat wrap with peanut butter, banana, honey, raisins and wheat germ) or a salad... but I haven't had the money to eat on campus the past week or so. Today I think I've mostly eaten pasta ha ha

But hopefully things can get kick started better soon!

Later days!


@ 1:50pm ET on October 3, 2012 The Mission towel sounds cool (hahah!)

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