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This the first time that I ever that a change needs to happen. I have been reseaching ways to help me do this. Starting out weight is 265lbs, my goal weight is 180. I would like to lose this at a slow and steady pace. Wish me luck everyone.

@ 2:47pm ET on September 4, 2012 good luck! :) this is the place to help you on your journey. i got a lot of encouragement from this site for my weight loss. and check out the expert blogs! they got a ton of helpful tips and info on weight loss.
@ 11:50am ET on September 6, 2012 Slow and steady is the best way to do it! You didn't put on the weight overnight and it won't come off overnight. But it WILL come off, with some lifestyle tweaks! Definitely check out all of the tools and resources available to you here on Diet.com - we have fitness videos, healthy recipes, expert weight loss tips and much, much more!! GOOD LUCK!
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