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Real Moms Love To Eat

by Beth Aldrich, Health & Nutrition Counselor
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Oh Food, how we love you yet push you away; yet how we can't live without you, especially when on a diet or following a healthy eating plan. But how do we know when we're getting enough of the right stuff? When you consume a variety of fresh food and light supplementation daily it's easy to ingest a healthy amount of, what is known as, micro and macro-nutrients, both necessary for healthy nutrition.

What's a Micro?

The small, yet powerful elements in our daily food intake, known as vitamins, minerals and trace elements are known as Micronutrients. They are not a source of energy, however they vitamins micronutrients macronutrients are essential in sufficient amounts to make sure all of the cells in our body function efficiently. The human body can't produce these nutrients, therefore they must be attained through food consumption. According to a report in the International Journal for Obesity, a multivitamin was able to increase resting energy expenditure and cause fat loss without any voluntary changes in food intake or exercise, suggesting metabolic effects and a possible downward shift of the body fat "setpoint" due to improved nutrient status.

This doesn't mean we should over do it and take multivitamins to stay or become thin! What it's suggesting is that a multivitamin can enhance the overall balance of a nutrient-dense, whole food diet. To see long-term results, it's important to avoid refined foods, to encourage the micronutrient content of the typical diet. It's important to understand that, even if we make our best efforts to try and eat in a way that should give us all the nutrients we need, we still may lack some of the vitamins/minerals our body needs daily. If you visit nutritiondata.com and enter the food you eat in an average day, you will be able to see if you reach the required 100% of all the nutrients for your body. For most people (busy, multi-taskers that we are),it can be difficult and costly to obtain that 100% requirement (high quality meat and veggies).

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