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Well I made it even though I didnt want to I did it. I want to take you guys back a few days before the mud run. So you all know my best friend is prego and her due date was Sept 12th. Well after going to the doctor everyday the week before the doctor told her that she would be induced on the 14th of september at 6pm. Well I was very upset bc I was leaving out of town on the 14th at 3pm to go and accomplish my mud run. So on Wednesday we found out the news and I was crushed, that I was gonna miss my niece for a stupid race. I felt like the worst person in the world. My best friend said it was fine but i knew it wasnt. So I prayed and prayed and low and behold her water broke thursday @7:30pm amd my niece was born at 4:45am. I was so excited and happy that I didnt miss the birth, but I wasnt able to sleep so here I am leaving the hospital at 8am at work at 9am till about 3pm when I leave for atlanta. I got a few hours in the car then off to eat a full carb meal. As I woke up the next morning I told myself that I was gonna back out. I wasnt excited at all. I felt like a limp noodle. I wasnt pumped no matter how much my brother tried and here I was so afraid that I was gona drag my team down and It really was gonna happen. Then the other girl that was running with us recieved a second packet with a different number for free..Best thing that could ever happen bc we begged my mom to do it. Lol. As she agreed and changed I was much more excited bc I knew that I would be able to stay back with her. Which I know i should have just stuck by my brother but I knew I couldnt and I didnt want people to suffer. Neatless to say after about an hour mom and I finished hand in hand. After a few slips in mud and crowling tall walls and ropes we finished. We loved it and the slide was amazing. I cant wait for another one and this time I will get rest and finish in the top I will post pics soon. If not you can add me to facebook to follow my

Goodluck to you all. I will catch up real soon. Love yall

@ 4:52pm ET on September 20, 2012
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so proud of you for completing the race! And so happy that you got to be there for your best friend's baby to be born. How special :)

Can't wait to see pics!

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