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Coming to you all from Philadelphia MANIA!! I just endured my 3rd day at the convention. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. If any of you are gym go-ers and want to learn A TON and better yourself go on www.scwfitness.com and see if a MANIA is coming to your city. There are people from ALL ages attending!

Thursday I took a 4 hour certification class called Target your Core with instructor Fabio Camona from California who has worked with and trained Olypians! I survived and go certified so now I can go home and teach at my gym!

I've taken Zumba Toning, Zumba Cardio Party, Flirty Girl Fitness, More Cardio Party!, etc. I suggest if any of you EVER have the opportunity to take up one of these classes..DO IT!

One more day tomorrow!! I can do it, I can do it! My legs are falling off. my abs are burning. I am mentally and physically exhausted. but I am doing this to better myself and to take the knowledge I gained and go back to my city and teach, teach, teach others and help improve the lives of others!

I hope you read this and if you are shy or afraid of the gym or group classes...please...try it. It might be the best thing for you!


@ 12:44pm ET on February 22, 2010 That sounds like an absolute BLAST, but you're exhausting me just thinking about it haha! I still have yet to take a zumba class but a co-worker loves it so I'll probably go with her sometime. Maybe you can make an instructional video for us and post it here! I should get my old group, "video divas" up and running again. We had so much fun doing that and it would be the perfect place for you to post one! ~Sara :o)
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