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I've been working at Food Lion a lot. This past Saturday I worked 7-3 at my store as a cashier, then from 6-9 I went with some people from my store to another store 20 minutes away to help them with something. Then Sunday I worked 7-2 at my store. Needless to say.... double shifts and doing an opening shift the next day wore me slam out. ... I've increased my soda intake significantly just to keep me going. I was actually so sleepy during my shift yesterday that I started getting grumpy like a 2 year old who hadn't had their nap yet. It was rough.

I also haven't had much time, or real energy, to get any sort of workout in. I came home from work yesterday and went straight to bed to nap for about 3 hours or so. It felt nice ha ha But I have today and tomorrow off, so hopefully I can get a workout put in somewhere!

Later days!

@ 12:31am ET on July 24, 2012
I'm finding working out to be both an incredible mood lifter and an energy boost! After I work out, I just want to be up and moving for the rest of the day! Maybe try incorporating a good workout into your mornings so that you can feed off the energy boost for the rest of the day?

I've removed "I don't have time!" from my list of available excuses. I definitely have 20-30 minutes to dedicate to getting healthy. :)

@ 2:43pm ET on July 24, 2012
Well true... but when you're pulling a double at a grocery store... that starts at 7am... I don't ever want to wake up earlier than I need to. I mean, if I did like say a 20 minute workout before a 7am shift that means I'd have to wake up around 4:45am. Workout would end just after 5am. Then I'd have to shower, get ready and head into work. ... that's just too damn early to wake up on a day you're doing a double shift ha ha

@ 5:28pm ET on July 24, 2012
With a bit of planning, your double shift days can also be your rest days for working out - nothing wrong with that! You've got to have rest days anyway - but that means really making the effort to put in work on your workout days! I know you can't always plan your double shifts ahead of time, and in those instances just make sure you watch your diet.

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