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Workout Tips to Help you Look and Feel Your Best

by Meredith Carlson, Personal Trainer, BS Kinesiology, Fitness
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Trying desperately to get into those skinny jeans, only to find the muffin top is way too obvious to feel comfortable in public? Yes, I am pretty sure most of us have been there. Whether your jeans are straight out of the dryer or you've just been eating whatever your heart desires, and then some, we have all been there.

So, what can you do to combat this "extra skin" around your waistline? Well, stop drying your jeans silly! Only kidding... But really, start looking at what you're putting in your mouth and get your heart rate pumping... To best firm up that muffin top, make sure to do exercises that target your core while at the same time getting your heart rate up to burn more calories and fat!

Here are five exercises that do just that:

1. Walking Lunge with Weighted Twist
- Recommended weight: 5 " 8 lbs
- Works Quads, Glutes, Obliques

Click here to view the demo

2. Plank Row with Dumbbells
- Recommended weight: 8 - 12 lbs
- Works Deltoids, Upper and Lower Back, Obliques, Abdominals

Click here to view the demo

3. Double Leg Lift with Exercise Ball
- Works Adductors, Abdominals, Lower Back/Core

Click here to view the demo

4. Exercise Ball Reverse Crunch
- Works Abdominals, Lower Back/Core, Triceps, Glutes

Click here to view the demo

5. Plank with Weighted Body Twist
- Recommended weight: 8 " 10 lbs
- Works Deltoids, Upper and Lower Back, Obliques, Abdominals

Click here to view the demo

Recommendation: 3 sets of these with 10 " 15 reps (on each side if applicable)

Want to really burn more calories and tone the rest of your body?

Try the exercises from my first blog titled How to Lose the Love Handles AND the Saddle Bags along with these muffin top busters for a complete workout!

@ 2:58pm ET on August 31, 2009
I love, love, love this article with the how to videos!!!!

When I can see the technique I am more likely to perform the exercise!

@ 2:13pm ET on October 31, 2012
Glad you put the comment in about what goes in your mouth FIRST because it dont matter what you do if thats not in control it wont work...How do i know this ..i have 20 years in the personal Training business and i just hate when I read a magazine that says DO this and in ?????so many days look like this MODEL!!

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