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Slim 'n Sexy At Any Age

by Joyce Vedral, Fitness Professional
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Women ask me all the time, "What in the world can I do for my sagging skin? Even after I've lost weight I look terrible!"

Other women who have not lost weight yet, worry that they will have loose skin if they lose weight. Well, I have the answer for loose skin, period.

loose skin armsLosing your loose skin in minutes a day ain't rocket science. But it is a science!

You have to target the loose skin area with specific weight-training exercises so as to develop a mini-muscle that will cause the skin to adhere to the developing muscle.

The following exercises are a good start for the loose, sagging skin on your arms. You'll start seeing changes in three weeks.

1. The seated double arm dumbbell press for the sagging triceps.
Sit at the edge of a chair or bench, holding a dumbbell at either end with one hand at each end, palms facing forward. Hold the dumbbell straight up with your elbows nearly, but not quite locked.

Movement: Flexing your triceps muscles as you go, lower the dumbbell behind you until you cannot go any further. Give your triceps muscle another hard flex and return to start position. Do this movement 10 times and move to the next exercise.

2. The lying biceps extension for the bulge under the arm and sagging biceps and triceps. Lie down on a flat exercise bench with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing upward, your arms about 10 inches below the bench.

Movement: Flexing your biceps and triceps muscles as you work, and feeling the flex in your rear armpit area, raise the dumbbells simultaneously until you cannot go any further. Give your muscles an extra hard flex and return to start. Repeat the movement until you have completed 10 repetitions.

Rest 15 seconds. Repeat the TWO exercises. Rest 15 seconds and repeat a third time.

How long does it take to get rid of all the loose skin all over your body? If you add in exercises for your other body parts, you can see lots of tightening in 3 short weeks... and major changes in 12 weeks!

For more exercise combinations and more information about my Loose Skin Remedy, visit JoyceVedral.com.

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