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Katrina Hodgson, NASM CPT, BS Health Science, has helped thousands reach their goals by designing fitness programs with her workout videos and her website ToneItUp.com. As one of Diet.com’s featured personal trainers she hopes to share her passion for fitness and continue to make a positive impact for the Diet.com community.

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Fitness Expert Katrina
by Katrina Hodgson, Diet.com Fitness Expert

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Hey everyone! It's Katrina Hodgson from www.ToneItUp.com, my website to find my fitness videos, workouts and my own healthy recipes.

Will squats and lunges bulk up your thighs, ladies? No way!

best thigh exercisesWe need leg muscle to tighten up, burn more calories each day and to look leaner.

And don't worry about going from thighs that are too fat to thighs that are too muscular. We do not carry the same hormones as men to get those big muscles.

Here are my 5 best exercises to trim and tone your thighs!

NOTE: Do these moves only after a warm up of jogging, walking, dynamic flexibility or a machine.

Side To Side Lunges
Make sure your knee stays in line with your ankle, your knee does not drop over your toe and that you sit back with your hips.

Jump Squats
With the weight in the balls of your feet, land softly and smoothly. Controlling your speed and your landing, breathe throughout. This blasts calories and trims your thighs.

Ball Leg Curl
Keeping your core tight, your hips high and your feet flexed, squeeze the back of your thighs as you bring the ball in toward you. Building the hamstring muscle will smooth out cellulite and give you a lifted bum!

Straight-Legged Dead Lifts
Keep your core engaged during this exercise. Slide the dumbbells down your thighs. Keeping your chin up and your back flat, squeeze your gluts on the way up. This exercise also lifts the bum and creates smooth legs!


Split Squat to a Knee Raise
This exercise works mostly the quads and pumps up your heart!

Perform each exercise 10-15 times, or 10-15 on each leg. After completing everything once, repeat 1-2 times.


-- Always remember to drink water!

-- Always exhale during the exertions of the exercise (example: on the way up during a squat).

-- Make sure you go slowly and controlled to maintain good form.


Katrina Hodgson, www.ToneItUp.com, NASM CPT, BS Health Science, has helped thousands reach their goals by designing fitness programs with her workout videos and her website ToneItUp.com.

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