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Diet Talk from the Doc
by Dr.Diet, Diet.com's Medical Director

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Can online programs help you lose weight? States like Indiana and Iowa think so as they launch online programs to encourage residents to lose weight and get healthier.

So far, 37,000 Indiana residents have signed up for their “INSHape Indiana” program and 24,000 participants have joined the “Lighten Up Iowa” program.

Programs like these have been so successful that 17 other states are modeling their programs after Iowa’s which recently launched a national version called “Lighten Up America.”

States push online fitness programs
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Dr. Diet weighs in:

I applaud the actions these states are taking to help their residents get healthier and lose weight. And using an online format makes sense because they’re able to target so many people both quickly and economically.

I’ve had diet.com members here mention becoming involved in their own state’s online fitness programs like the 10,000 step clubs that some states offer using pedometers.

State programs like these can be a great complement to whatever program you are currently following to lose weight.

If you find that your local community or state is offering a fitness-related program that sounds like fun, by all means join in. Local fitness runs or walks or fitness related events are a great way to celebrate your own healthy lifestyle with others in and around your community.

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