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Vice Busting with Julia Havey

by Julia Havey, Diet.com Coach & Motivator
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Everyone is talking about Oprah and her 21 day cleanse? Why? Because she made this, yet another diet effort a public matter. She invited a few million of us to join her and watch her and read her blog as she cleansed her body for a mere 21 days.

It sounds so simple, so easy: hire a chef, just eat what he makes you and stick with it for a short 21 days. I am sure Oprah thought to herself 'after all I have accomplished in life, this will be a walk in the park, easy, 21 days and boy am I going to feel great when it's over; freshed, renewed, cleansed....hey, I will tell the world about it now so they can do it with me!'.

Well, there are a lot of diet gurus out there who recommend doing just that, making public declarations of your embarking on their diet, sign a pledge, get an accountability buddy (or in Oprah's case a few million of them) so that you will stay the course and on track.

There's one problem with making the "Attention K-Mart shoppers, in aisle 4, I am starting my new diet today" type of declaration. One problem:

You are going to fail, and then you have not only failed, you are going to embarrass yourself in front of your buddy, your office or the world in Oprah's case, and then, not only do you have to deal with letting yourself down because you couldn't stick with the very radical, immediate and overwhelming change that the diet called for, now you have to hear the comments of others.
First rule when staring Vice Busting; DON'T tell anyone you are "going on a diet" and most importantly don't tell yourself that ...    Continue

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@ 4:12pm ET on June 12, 2008
I don't think her biggest error was announcing that she was going on this diet. I think it was the restrictions of SO many different foods that she loves. I think we all have a rebellious nature in us and when we restrict the foods we can eat (especially to an extreme like vegan) our minds and bodies rebel and that is why I think many people "cheat". When I started my new lifestyle I had to make myself accountable or I knew I would fall back into my old lifestyle. I waited until I was on my plan for a few weeks and than I told everyone. I did this well knowing that friends and family members would try to sabotage me, and they did, but because I was prepared for it they did not succeed. I have been consistantly losing weight for about 6 months. Granted it may only be a 1/2 to a pound a week at times I know where I want to be. After my friends and family realized I was doing this to be healthy and out relationships would only change for the better they have truly become a support. Many of them have even decided to do it with me. So up until now I can say making the announcement to everyone has not hampered my weight loss but increased my oppurtunity for support. :-)

Just my 2 cents.

@ 5:27pm ET on June 12, 2008
I have to agree about announcing it. I know for me personally...I'm setting myself up for disaster. If I tell "myself" I'm going on a diet tomorrow...I will stay up and eat everything in site!! It's horrible. And I don't want to tell people what I'm doing because I don't want them looking at me to see if there's any changes. Since the start of this challenge I've only talked to my hubby(of course), my mother-in-law, and two friends. I try to look at it as a "lifestyle change" anyway because me and "diets" do not mix!!

@ 8:20pm ET on June 12, 2008
I do agree that this needs to be a lifestyle change not a diet. I think what is different for me this time is that I have decided that I need to make good choices one at a time and that this is a 'for the rest of my life commitment' not a diet that I will be over with soon. I did not tell everyone around me because I wanted this to be about me and my choices and I came to diet. com for accountability and support. However, after 31 lbs lost people are starting to notice and I guess everyone around me now knows. I appreciate the support I receive here!!!! And the expertice and the information. Patty

@ 6:55pm ET on June 16, 2008
I think the problem with the announcement may just be that let it take some of the pressure to DO what is required off of us, it's like if you tell everyone you are going to do it, then it is sort of like you have done it, so you just coast rather than working really hard and having people ask "what ARE YOU doing!?"

That is much more rewarding to hear!

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