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Kath Aging Gracefully

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This will be quick because I've bought another knitting machine and have to drive to another town to pick it up. (!!!) The next few weeks are going to be so fun for me! I love throwing myself into something new. Believe it or not, I'll forget to eat I get so absorbed.

But I had to report that I've lost a couple more pounds. It's coming off very slowly (in my opinion) but it's coming off. And the other day my husband was hugging me and he said, "You're getting skinny, I can feel it." He is not lavish with praise (Like the old joke about the man to his wife on their 50th anniversary "I told you I loved you when I married you. If I change my mind, I'll let you know.") so it meant that much more to me.

He also needs to learn the definition of "skinny." LOL

@ 10:45am ET on August 7, 2007 That's great - you're making excellent progress! Enjoy your knitting machine, too!
@ 7:26pm ET on August 7, 2007 Any compliment is nice!! your doing well...keep it up!
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