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The Truth About Abs

by Mike Geary, Best-Selling Fitness Author
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Does high-fructose corn syrup make you fatter than sugar? See this new study and you decide...

A "Corny" Lie?

Unless you've been under a rock for the last year or two, you've undoubtedly seen the massive media campaign that the Corn Refiners Association (the CRA) has been running on TV commercials, online ads, etc. - trying to "clean up" the poor public image of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

They have even tried a re-branding campaign trying to change the name to "corn sugar" instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

In addition, the TV commercials try to convince you that HFCS is "no worse than sugar," and even try to imply that it is somehow 'natural,' with this phrase:

"It's made from corn, has no artificial ingredients, has the same calories as sugar and is okay to eat in moderation."

REALLY? I'd say that it's a downright LIE to say that HFCS has no artificial ingredients if you've ever seen how HFCS is refined and processed and the chemicals involved in that process. Watch the entertaining documentary King Corn and you'll see the NASTY chemicals involved in refining HFCS!

And let's not forget that HFCS is almost always made from Genetically Modified corn. Not so "natural" anymore, huh?

In response to this CRA propaganda campaign to revamp the image of HFCS, Michael Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest stated: "High-fructose corn syrup starts out as cornstarch, which is chemically or enzymatically degraded to glucose and some short polymers of glucose. Another enzyme is then used to convert varying fractions of glucose into fructose... High-fructose corn syrup just doesn't exist in nature."

What about the debate: Is High-Fructose Corn Syrup worse for you than sugar?

This seems to have been an ongoing debate for the last couple years, but I personally think it's a stupid debate... In terms of your health and your waistline, they are BOTH pure evil! Over time, with excess consumption of either HFCS or sugar, they can both lead to diabetes, obesity, and other major health problems, including premature aging, and a bulging belly!

However, with that said, I personally avoid HFCS at all costs, but I don't necessarily avoid sugar altogether. I minimize sugar greatly, but I don't avoid it like I avoid HFCS. Have I mentioned that I haven't had a soda pop since I was a teenager? Not one! Two things that I try to avoid almost 100% are HFCS and trans fats... because they are easily two of the MOST evil food additives that cause the most damage from a biochemical standpoint internally in your body (keep that in mind when you're about to eat or drink them, and it's easy to say no).

The only HFCS I get is probably the minor amounts that I might get in ketchup at a restaurant (sorry, I'm not giving up my ketchup... but I do get organic ketchup at home, which has no HFCS). But other than ketchup at a restaurant, I stay away from anything and everything with HFCS in it, including store-bought salad dressings which are often laced with high amounts of HFCS. Instead, I make my own healthy lean-body salad dressings at home.

The reason that I avoid HFCS more than I avoid plain sugar is that there is just ...    Continue

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@ 8:02pm ET on August 23, 2011
Great article! Unfortunately, the children of this country become addicted to high fructose corn syrup in school foods. The children of this country are slowly being poisoned to death--not by terrorists--but by American food companies (for a profit).

How much of that artificial red drink (from the commercials) does Audrae Erickson, corn refiner lobbyist, consume and give to her children? She expects other parents to give it to their children. Does she drink her talk?

Hopefully, more Americans will give up high fructose corn syrup. I did, and I won't even eat ketchup or wedding cake if I cannot find out the ingredients.
Did you know that Subway has high fructose corn syrup in its bread? I don't eat there, either. Haven't eaten at McDonalds in many many years.
We have to love our children enough to not give them fast food.

Thanks again for sharing in this great article.

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