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That's the name of my workout playlist for this semester ha ha Today when I woke up I checked my weight... 151... not too bad considering about a week and a half ago I was randomly up to 157. I measured my waist... about 36". We'll see how I do over this semester!

I went to the gym today on my break and did about 30 minutes on the treadmill and burned 200 calories, then hopped on the elliptical for only about 15 minutes but burned 70 calories... not bad for my first day back in the gym.

As far as eating:
Before class I got a sub at Jimmy Johns which is about 652 calories according to their website. Though I now realize I could have saved myself an extra 100 calories had I gotten the sub without cheese... food for thought for next time.
After my workout I got a smoothie from the cafeteria place downstairs and added a lean booster thing. This comes to about 290 calories. And when I got home from my last class around 6:15 or so, I made some whole wheat spaghetti with pasta sauce, a can of chicken, and a small can of mushrooms and a small can of olives. I ate quite a bit of it, but there's still enough left for about 2-3 more meals that I have packed away in my fridge for later. I'm not sure on the calorie count for this... but... meh. I really really wanted spaghetti when I got home from class ha ha
Today was also "Be kind to bigs day" for Alpha Psi Omega, so my little brought me over some cupcakes she bought at a store. I only had one and she had one... but now I have the issue of having like 4 more in my fridge ha ha But a lil bit of cupcake a day is alright... right???

So I think I did relatively well for the most part. I don't plan on checking my weight again until Thursday when auditions happen at school so I'll know what to put on my audition form. Soooo we'll see how things go with that check in even though it'll only have been a day or two.

Plan on going to the gym tomorrow before my one class. Hope everyone is having a decent week so far!

Later days!

@ 3:54pm ET on August 22, 2012
Hey Carry! Great job at the gym! It's good to take note of how many calories you're burning in 30 minutes on the cardio machine, b/c you can use that as a way to gauge your intensity. Next time you'll know that if you burn MORE than 200 calories in the 30 minutes, it's b/c you were pushing yourself even harder than the last time, and so on. I use this myself as a gauge of how hard I'm pushing myself on the elliptical or arc trainer machines.

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