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I had a co-worker tell me the other day that he found my diet videos on YouTube and that he watched all of them. These videos were part of a challenge from Diet.com 4 years ago. When he told me this, I got very embarrassed. I completely forgot they were on my channel page..lol. He asked me why I was embarrassed and I told him that it's proof of how I've let myself go. I was so healthy and fit in those videos. I wasn't at my goal weight, but I looked good! I've since then gained 100 lbs. I look back on those videos and can't believe that it's me. But it should be encouragement to me that it is possible to lose weight. It can be done and I did do it.

@ 10:01am ET on September 20, 2012 Ohh wow. I would die if my family and friends read my blogs. But you are right you have done it and you can do it. Just remeber you are doing this to change your life forever so hang in there and take your time. You dont was to be healthy again and get to your goal weight and gain it all back. Keep your head up. Btw I want to see your videos. I may post some I think it would be awesome. lol. Goodluck.
@ 4:55pm ET on September 20, 2012 It's great to hear from you Dana! You CAN drop weight - you've done it in the past! Check out our motivational success stories for some extra inspiration:

@ 7:32pm ET on October 3, 2012 Hey Dana, so glad to see you! I wouldn't know what to do if my co-workers had read or seen things I posted on here...I would no doubt feel uncomfortable as well. Even though it's definitely not "private" you just assume it's between us. It's great that he was so inspired by you and that you in turn were inspired by yourself! I remember being inspired by you back then, too. Like you said, if you did it before, it can definitely be done again! You can do it, girl! :)
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