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ShannonKristine back to reality

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As most of you know, dieting and exercising will be a lifelong plan that you will have to maintain. Well.....here I am because over the holidays I did SUPER bad at maintaining my weight and between the months of October to January I put on about 11 pounds! WHAT! So I was on facebook this morning and saw that Katrina posted that the challenge was beginning so here I am to take back those 11 pounds and not only get back to my previous goal weight but try to push through to my newly set goal weight. HERE we go!

@ 11:57am ET on January 18, 2010 So GREAT to see you back! I love seeing familiar faces! Together We CAN!

@ 12:11pm ET on January 18, 2010 Shannon, you're back! You can totally lose those 11 pounds on this challenge. You're such an inspiration! Glad to see you back! ~Sara :o)
@ 1:09pm ET on January 18, 2010 Yes girl!! Here we go! TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More **Sandy** :)
@ 11:13pm ET on January 18, 2010 here we are!! :)
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