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Today is Day 8, the dreaded weigh in day. This week, I have had a real positive mental attitude, I have adopted a good but also realistic approach to healthy eating, I have joined the gym and have been completing daily tasks from my CBT book. I should be feeling positive standing in that dreaded queue but instead I’m anxious; I should be concentrating on all the good things I have done but all I can think of is the bloody carrot cake and lemon meringue!! I’m worked up so much I’m half tempted just to jump on the scales and confess to all the naughty things I shouldn’t have eaten!!

But I don’t, I take my turn in the ritual; removing my shoes, removing my coat, placing all the ‘excess baggage’ on the chair. I stand on the cold scales waiting, watching, willing the numbers to be kind, they finally stop at 19st7. The helper does the complicated maths of 14lbs in a stone, she then checks again half in disbelief, she turns to me beaming; ‘you’ve lost half a stone!’ I return the beam, collect my first Slimming World award and nearly skip out of the room pass the queue of anxious slimmer’s awaiting their weekly fate.

So onwards and upwards on to week 2, my meals are all planned, time at the gym fitted in and the tricky days identified with plans put in place to overcome them. Wish my luck!

@ 12:14pm ET on August 8, 2012 7 Pounds!!! Outstanding, definitely get to do the victory dance. Thanks for the good news! Keep it up.
@ 12:47pm ET on August 8, 2012 7 pounds in one week?? THat's amazing, congrats!
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